Teacher salaries

Teaching is a profession that offers a competitive starting salary with plenty of opportunities for career progression. This means you will not only be making a difference, but you will be rewarded for your contributions with excellent opportunities to climb the career ladder and receive pay rises.

As a newly qualified teacher, you will begin on a salary of at least £23,720. As you progress through the pay ranges, you could earn up to £111,007 as a headteacher in Cambridgeshire.

View the table below for teachers’ pay ranges for 2018/2019 (revised annually)

Additional rewards

There are other great benefits available including:

  • a generous pension – when you are employed as a teacher you will automatically become a member of the Teachers’ Pension Scheme
  • special educational needs (SEN) allowance – if you work as a qualified teacher with pupils with SEN, you could be eligible for a SEN allowance of no less than £2,149 and no more than £4,242 per annum
  • teaching and learning responsibility (TLR) payments – additional money if you take on more responsibilities

There are two main ranges for TLR payments – TLR 1 and TLR 2. If you take on sustained extra responsibilities, you could be eligible for a salary increase within one of these ranges, depending on the category your duties come under:

This information is supplied by the Get into Teaching website.